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About Us

Enriching Lives through Healthy Eating &

Bringing People to the Table

Harvard Cookin’Girl’s mission is to bring healthy eating from around the world to your kitchen table by making cooking fun again for you, your friends, your children and co-workers.

in 2009, Bibi Kasrai quit her corporate career with the dream of infusing the love of cooking in the kitchen into kids. The Harvard Cookin’ Girl believed that if kids understood the purpose and richness of food through direct engagement, they will make the right choice. She started modestly with an after-school enrichment program but soon parents flooded her by asking for recipes and techniques to cook fast, healthy and not so boring food.

With the help of Siematic and Fixtures Living who sponsored her, she was able to open her studio in La Jolla in 2010 and teach adults. That led this Harvard MBA to think about her corporate days and all the mundane team- building exercises she had to sit through. The idea of the Corporate Cookery and the Innovative Kitchen came along and companies embraced it overnight as well.  Teams from as far as South Africa and Russia and Australia and as close as Silicon Valley started coming in.

What differentiates Bibi’s approach from all other cooking school is the social and story telling aspect of how she weaves stories and history of food with her own personal passion for it and her travels around the world, and how she has learned authentic home cuisine from around the world.

After becoming the #1 attraction in La Jolla by tripadvisor.com and with a 29 Zagat rating under her belt, she started to recruit like minded chefs to replicate her method and built a team around HCG.  Events like the “Iron Chef Competition” and call out to chefs in the community as well as the “Innovative Kitchen” that helps companies recruit talent, have made her kitchen quite an extraordinary lab.

Whether you come to a date night, an open event night, host your corporate team event or just a kid’s birthday party, you can expect to be entertained while eating an extraordinary 3 or 4 course meal (and not just a sample size as cooking schools do). All this while getting techniques, tricks and recipes to go home with.

Meet Bibi Kasrai- The Harvard Cookin’Girl

Bibi Kasrai has worked many years alongside premier cardiologists, nutritionists and integrative health practitioners at Scripps Health to know the value of good eating habits on your overall health. She too has struggled many years to keep bad cholesterol low, good ones high and overall level tolerable without the use of drugs. However, as a gourmet chef and someone who has a sweet tooth, she could never eliminate sweets from her diet. Coming from a family who has diabetes on one side and cardiac problems on the other, she often asked herself how could they enjoy long healthy lives while not depriving themselves? She thought the answer might be rooted simply in their diet. She kissed her Harvard MBA goodbye and left her corporate career to pursue her passion. This foodie started to examine the secrets of gourmet cooking along the Silk Road. She has captured the best of her Persian family’s recipes and created many others from all her travels around the world. Simultaneously, her passion for educating her kids and their friends about the value of healthy eating drove her to start an education program through schools.